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Once we enter our cave
you can bet that awesome things come out

The heart of REKA lies within this department, where all forms of technology is built by our passionate engineers, developers, researchers & craftsman. This is the very core of REKA and is the most sacred department of all.



Robotic Control

Autonomous Car

Shifting Kinetics

One area of focus that we have under our Kinetics division (REKA Kinetik) are Robotics and Autonomous Tecnologies. Well, basically, we build robots, that are smart (smart robot).

Data Science




Computer Vision

Internet of Motion

With billions of devices connected to the internet, we have dedicated our focus to track the motions of data in/out from and around devices.

Run like a business
inscribe like a university

Pursuing profit is one thing, but what matters most is the pursuit of knowledge, and what better way to expand our knowledge by sharing.
That is why we write papers.

  • Multispectral image segmentation using localized spectral binarization

    Authors : Nur Salma Mohd Mokhtar, Khairuddin Osman, Khairul Muzzammil Saipullah and Muhammad Haziq Faris Hasnol

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Application of Knowledge

We enjoy building new stuff, applying what we know and pushing the boundaries of science and technology to deliver you the best possible product.